Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Numerology has Changed My Life

A year ago I'd of been like: "Numerology?  Really?"  If someone told me the value of understanding how numbers play such a huge part in our lives, I'd of been all over it years ago.  I guess I have
always thought of it as a form or fortune telling, a novel fun experience yes, but never something I could count on to define the circumstances and events I called my so called "life."  So the next thought would be to imagine how one of these  "number gurus" could even begin to realate to my life.  Don't they live in some far away middle eastern land, I'll probably only see a picture of, on the front of a restaurant menu?  Nope.  Not even close.

Saying that to her, just as I snapped a photo today of mine.  Maybe just because she looked so incredibly approachable and not all "guruesk" at all.  In fact just a few moments into our session, she instantly reminded me that the insane amount of chaos I have in my life right now, is part of my journey and SUPPOSED to be happening according to my chart.  In fact, what she's revealed to me about my life in general, has given me license to not only embrace the difficult parts of this journey; but also to have gratitude for the lessons I'm garnering along the way.   It's also served as a perfect prescription pad to accept what God is doing in my life.  Nothing more settling than to see logic behind the faith I try so hard to hold on to through the difficult times.   Thanks Ms. Nidhi!  You rock!  

To learn more or get her work and freebies check out her site:  www.BlissByNumbers.com

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