Friday, May 16, 2014

Perfect Pre-Summer Skin Facial

It all starts with getting your face sun/sweat/swim ready by building up its endurance.  This year I'm doing just that with Phase I of a 90-day Summer Skin Series I've come up with for the spa.

What's getting served on the back bar this month:

  1. Paraben free, fragrance free natural K360 cleansers get the party started.  I love the Seaweed   All-In-One.  Use it everyday. 
  2.  Cool toning PH balancing toner.  My fav is the Paraben free Licorice.  Serves as a brightener too!

3.  Anti-aging, stem cell activating hyper hydrators - wakes up dormant stem cells to build up your skin's natural defenses, plus it ├╝ber hydrates your skin.

Next month is gentle summer exfoliation with lemon grass and pomegranate enzyme mask. 

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